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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Review: A Little Bit Wicked by Kristen Chenoweth

I try to read a lot of books.  I generally get through a book about every three days.  I don't watch television or have other hobbies.  This is pretty much it.  Except for singing!  I love to sing and was once really good at it.  I'm too busy to perform now, so I get a big thrill when I can delve into the lives of well-known performers.  

Recently, I listened to the audiobook of Kristen Chenoweth's memoir, A little Bit Wicked.  She is the wonderful performer who originated the role of Glinda the Good Witch in the Broadway show, Wicked.  She also has a busy career in film, and television.  Her book shares the LONG road to stardom beginning with her roots in Oklahoma up until her more recent role in the now cancelled T.V. show Pushing Daisies.

I found listening about her background and college experience intriguing, and it had myself pining to go back in time and change my major to Music.  She worked her tail off to get as accomplished as she is!  Of course, there are lots of anecdotes about the various shows she has been in.  I found most of these interesting but, for the reader who is not a Theatre Geek,  some of it could be tedious.  

Ms. Chenoweth also discusses her issues with stalkers (an unfortunately common occurrence among famous people), and missteps that led to unwanted controversy.  I especially liked her take on being a Christian in show business.  She wears her faith up front and is unapologetic about it.  But she also seems very open and does not condemn others for what they believe or don't believe.

I enjoyed listening to Kristen Chenoweth's own voice on the audiobook.  I think for memoirs it adds a whole new dimension to the book.  I think fans of Broadway will adore this, but unless you know a little bit about Kristen Chenoweth's career, you may find in a little dull.
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  1. I purchased the audio book today. I'll start listening tomorrow. Right now, I spent 2 hours driving D to work and coming back home, so, I have some car time right now. The new condo is just minutes from his work but we don't even move in until mid September(fingers crossed).


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