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Monday, February 9, 2015

"How do you read ALL those books?"

     In the past few years I have gotten heavily into reading.  I think I read about 77 books last year, and I am constantly asked, "How do you read all those books?"   There are many parts to my reply.  
   First of all, I always carry a book, a Kindle, or even my phone (pre-loaded with a book) with me at all times.  So whenever I have a few minutes, I can quickly start reading.
    I am also always looking for new books to read.  If you have met me, then you know one of the first questions I often ask of people is, "What book are you reading?"  The answers frequently pique my interest and I will jump onto my Goodreads app and add it to my "Want to Read" list.  This means I already know what I want to read and I have the names and authors ready at my fingertips.  
   And most importantly, I make very good use of my public library.  There is no way I could afford to buy all the books I read.  I would spend thousands of dollars on books each year.  The Contra Costa Library system, on the other hand is completely free and easy to use.  I can go online, reserve books, and then have them sent to my local branch for pickup.  I can also get ebooks and audiobooks that will download onto my Kindle and phone.  An email notifies me when my books come in. This couldn't be simpler!
    As far as finding the actual time to read, I just make time to do this.  Reading is such a pleasurable activity to me, that I willingly don't watch T.V..  I will also read on my breaks at work.  Another great time to read is as I wait for my kids in the school pick up line.  I readily confess that I don't make time for other activities such as exercise.  But, for now, this is my priority.  Perhaps with Spring coming on, I could vow to start to walking as I listen to audiobooks.  But for now, I am perfectly content to listen to the rain, and curl up with a great book.
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