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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Day of Frustration!


It has been one of those days.  It started so promisingly...  I woke up, happy and secure in the knowledge that I had  pre-ordered The Raven King and that TODAY WAS THE DAY!!!  I would go to work, go home ,and find my little bundle of joy waiting for me at my doorstep.

Instead, I got a curious email from Amazon.  My order was delayed and did I want to continue the order?  There was no mention of when the order would be filled, but I assumed that it would be a day or so more, so I hit "yes".  I was a little disappointed, but I could wait a day, right?

A few minutes later, I got another email from Amazon. "Thank you for your order. It will be filled in 1-3 MONTHS."  This was my mature response (in my head):


 I later learned that EVERYONE who pre-ordered from Amazon got burned.

Yes, I know that The Raven King is just a book, but I am heavily invested in this novel.  This is my favorite book series.  I first read them from borrowing them from the library, so I bought all the books in order to re-read them.  I passed (stupidly, as it turns out) on a chance to buy the autographed and doodled on version from Fountain Books because I felt I would get it faster from Amazon.  I even went on the Fountain Books website today and it is not guaranteed anymore because it is now not a pre-order.


Okay, (deep breaths) I feel slightly better now that I have had my rant and ordered the book from a nice, independent bookstore near where I work.   But my question remains...

Why Amazon, Why?

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  1. Oh no, how disappointing of Amazon. Surely they must have known long before the despatch date that they didn't have any books?!

    Stephanie Jane

    1. This was beyond frustrating! But it has finally been resolved.

  2. Well that really is auite frustrating. They should have mentioned how long it would be delayed in the first place if it would be that long!

    1. I hate that they don't tell you the delivery date until after you place the order.

  3. Whaaaat?!? That's ridiculous! I can understand the level of frustration there. Hopefully you'll have it soon now, though!

    1. Hi Anne, I ordered it from an independent bookstore and they had the same problems getting a copy. Finally I took a chance and called by local Barnes & Noble. They had one copy left! My husband picked it up for me after work. What a peach!


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