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Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Wrap up!


Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  I can't believe December is over!  After an incredibly busy month, I finally had time to do some marathon reading, and it felt SOOO GOOD! I almost followed my game plan for the month, reading nine ARCs.  But, of course, some books crossed my path that I just had to read right then and there!  I couldn't help it!  Have a fun, and safe, New year's Eve!

Favorite book of the month:

My Name is Lucy Barton:

This is such a wonderful book.  Although it is only about 200 pages, the author, Elizabeth Strout, weaves an intricate story of an ugly childhood and it's aftermath.  I was blown away by the word choices, the way she told the story.  So much was said by inference, thus the sparse words.  It was such a special experience to read this book.  It comes out in January and I can't recommend it enough.

 Least favorite book of the month:

I'll See You In Paris:   

Given the title, one would think the book was set in Paris, right?  Wrong!  There is nothing about Paris until the very end of the book.  Perhaps because of my misguided expectations, I didn't enjoy this at all.   This book will be released in late January, so my review won't be posted on the blog until then.  I have very mixed feelings about saying anything bad about someone's book.  The author probably spent a very long time working on this.  But I found this book to be very boring and condescending.


Also Read This Month:

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Debbie! It's been m=nice to have the time off, but it will also be good to get back to work, too! See you on Monday!

  2. I'm convinced that Strout's novel is going to get on my 2016 "Top 5" list. http://drchazan.blogspot.co.il/2015/12/depths-in-simplicity.html

    1. Yes, it was so moving! I feel a little foolish that I haven't read her other books before! But I will change that in the coming months! Have a wonderful New Year, Davida!


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