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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

ARC Review: The Demon Girl's Song

Please Note:  I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  This does not influence my opinions in my review in any way.

Synopsis (From GoodReads):

More than anything, Andín dal Rovi wants to escape her small town life, helping her father in the store, watching her younger brother prepare to take the place at University she’d longed for.
Instead of escape, she gets a thousand-year-old demon stuck in her head, and she loses everything – her home, her family and her country.
In the quest to regain her identity, she finds herself racing against time to uncover the secrets of her world – and save it from utter annihilation.


Since becoming a book blogger and really delving into reading, I have noticed that if a character is gay, the book (no matter what subject it was SUPPOSED to be about) becomes an 'Issue' book.  It's as if some authors feel that being gay is the only important thing in a character's life.  That is why I really enjoyed The Demon Girl's Song, by Susan Jane Bigelow.  There are some gay characters, but it is only one aspect of their lives.  These people are allowed to be full characters, have big adventures,  AND have romance.  It was so refreshing to see this representation.

What I Liked:


I liked the vagueness of the setting.  Since this is a fantasy book, the author has the freedom to create a world rich in it's own traditions.  There are emperors, kingdoms, and demons.  There is some technology, such as trains and electric lights, but only in the rich areas of the kingdom.  Sexism is alive and well in this universe.  There are plenty of reminders of what it must have been like for women around 120 years ago.


This young woman is resilient, resourceful and going crazy when a demon jumps into her body.  I loved how she had to figure out how much control the demon had over her.  Since they blend together, she questions who she is.  Is she different from before the demon entered her body?  What would she be like without the demon?  It is our experiences that shape our personalities, after all.  Good and bad experiences help to form our lives.

The Romance:

I loved the romance in the book.  It is realistic and heartbreaking.  I don't want to spoil anything, so I am reluctant to get into details.  But I thought is was a very good depiction of how a romance such as this would pan out in that society.

What I didn't like:

The Ending:

As the book progressed towards the ending, I thought there was going to have to be a sequel in order to resolve all the loose ends.  But the author chose to end the book quickly, and (I felt) unrealistically.  I didn't understand what had happened.  Also, in the Epilogue, they mentioned a problem that would occur in 12 years, but there was no mention of how it was resolved.
If the ending had been stronger, this would have been a five star review.  But I am still giving it four stars, for the wonderful characters, unusual story, and a strong romance.


Release Date:   September 25th, 2016

Source:  NetGalley

Format:  E-book

Recommendation:  A fast-paced fantasy with wonderful characters.  


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