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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Spreading The Blogger Love #6


This week all I've wanted to do is hug my cat (and my kids). I am dedicating this week to highlighting other blogs that I love. I have learned so much from becoming a book blogger, not just about books, but about being supportive to others, writing honestly while maintaining civility, and thinking carefully about what kind of energy I am sending out into the web when I post.  I know that what I am doing this week is not going to change anything.  But in the face of tragedy I choose to respond with kindness.  I hope we can all try to be a little nicer to each other; no matter what color, what religion, what citizen status, we are all the same.

Here are three more wonderful blogs that you should check out.

1.  It Starts at Midnight:

One of the best organized book blogs I have ever seen, this blog is run by Shannon.  She reads and comments on all kinds of YA books.  She has some great opinion pieces, reviews, blog tours, and giveaways.  Everything is laid out so well, it makes you want to meander around and look at everything.  Shannon also seems to be heavily involved in connecting to other bloggers through challenges such as the 2015 Discussion Challenge, The Shelfie Hop, and the New Release giveaway hop.  When I go to this blog, I feel like I'm "In the know" about all the cool happenings among book blogs.

2.  Reading Addict:

 I've gotten a lot of comments and interaction from a blogger named Crina.  She runs a blog called Reading Addict.  Her blog focuses on YA, NA, Dystopia, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary and Mystery/Thriller.  Whew, that's a lot of different types of books!  Crina does a BUNCH of blog tours, Book Blitzes, giveaways, and reviews.  Her blog is another place where I feel like I am getting the latest information on new books.  Crina is very friendly and kind and I am so glad I found her blog.

3.  Novel Ink:

Isn't this a lovely logo!  This is a beautiful Blog run by two bloggers, Christy and Erica.  They are both fun, happy people who absolutely love all things books.  They have book reviews, discussion posts, and unique features such as Trivia Tuesday, Hooked, and Inked.  Because there are two bloggers, you get twice the amount of books, genres, and styles.  Erica focuses on Contemporary and Romance, while Christy loves Dystopian and Mystery.  This blog has reviews that really personify writing with a voice.  I can learn a lot from how they show their personalities through writing.  They are also sweethearts who take the time to write comments on other blogs.  This is something I need to dedicate time to do each week.  It takes effort and I appreciate it when folks take the time to comment.

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  1. First, I want to say THANK YOU! You set out to make people's day better, and you made one of the worst weeks I have had SO MUCH BETTER. So thank you, so much. I am so happy that you get something out of my blog- it makes it all worthwhile, you know?

    Second, I love that you are doing this! I think it is amazing that you've taken a bad situation and sought out the good (in your earlier post about the guy in Beirut, I teared up), and then to pass it on is AMAZING! I am going to bookmark this to make sure I share it next week! Your kindness is such an inspiration!

    Third, talk about being in good company :) Novel Ink is one of my absolute favorites too! Reading Addict is new to me, but I am off to check out Crina's posts, I love finding new blogs this way!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Hello Shannon, I just read your comment and it made me so happy! I got so depressed going on some social media sites such as Facebook where people felt fully justified to spread hate. I do understand fear is a reaction to such situations, but I think it feeds into a narrative of the ugly American that some groups want to promote. I hope we can promote kindness on the web and not an atmosphere where people think it's okay to say things they would never say to someone's face.

      I'm glad to spread a little sunshine your way! Have a great week!


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