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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thankful Bloging Challenge: Day 3

This feature was started by the wonderful Parajunkee.  If you want to join this feature, go to her blog and add your name to the Linkylink.  Or if you just want to see what others have written for this feature, there is a great list of other blogs who are doing this.  Just go to Parajunkee's blog.


Today we are talking about the people who inspire you (The description in the challenge says blogging inspiration, but I am expanding it to include life inspiration).


1.  Work Inspiration: L.D.

  In the interest of privacy, am just using initials, but this person is a rock star to me (and don't celebrities value privacy?).  I work in special education.  This person inspires me with her vision of inclusion and for the dignity she shows to the students we work with.  I have learned so much from this person: to keep looking for new approaches to challenges, to not get frustrated when things don't go smoothly, to celebrate our students for who they are right now.  By showing me all this, I have grown better at my job, and have even more satisfaction in it.  Thank you, L.D. for giving me the tools, and the example, to be more effective in my work.


2.  Spiritual Inspiration:  My Aunt Carmen

  I want to make sure that my sweet Aunt Carmen knows it is her I'm talking about.  With her modesty, if I just used initials, she would probably think I'm praising someone else!  Throughout my life, Aunt Carmen has guided me, prayed with me, found lots of reading materials to educate me, and has been a spiritual rock for me to depend on. 

  Whenever I need it, Aunt Carmen is there to give me advice and comfort.  She is like a second mother to me.  As my own mom became ill and passed away, she filled in the gap with her love.  I can count on her to listen and not judge.
  My life hasn't been an easy one, at times, but I can always call her and ask for her to pray for me.  I know she is continually saying novenas (a nine day series of prayers) for numerous people.  And this gives me comfort in hard times. 
  Right now, we live quite far away from each other so talking on the phone is how we mostly communicate.  But she also regularly sends me things to read about the lives of saints, various prayer books that might assist me, and a host of other things too.  I have kept these treasures and use them constantly.
  Aunt Carmen has been such an inspiration on how to live a fulfilling life.  She has a great group of friends and has fun with them, cooking, eating, shopping, and going to church together.  I would love to have that in my life. As she has grown older she takes care of herself and is independent.

  Thank you so much, Auntie Carmen, for being in my life!

Who inspires you?  Leave a comment below and be sure to thank these people who mean so much to you.



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