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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Three 4 Thursday: Movies to watch when you're sick

Guess who's not feeling well this week?  Working with kids is fun, rewarding... and hazardous to your well-being!  This cold I have has come on so quickly and so strongly I just want to curl up in a ball and watch a few movies that will make me happy and comfort me while I am miserable!  Here are three of my favorites

Pride & Prejudice (2005):

 As far as I am concerned this is the most romantic movie of all time!  Everything about this production is perfect.  It boasts a cast of well-known actors as well as people who became bigger stars after this movie.  Keira Knightly and Rosamund Pike shine as two of the Bennet sisters. But the other three sisters are equally impressive and became bigger stars over the years.  Jena Malone as Lydia would later feature in The Hunger Games.  Talulah Riley plays the youngest sister, Mary, and grew up to be a beauty starring in such movies as Inception.  Carey Mulligan plays Kitty and grew up to be the star of movies like The Great Gatsby and An Education (and was nominated for an Oscar).

The movie is finely detailed and full of lovely cinematic choices such as the scene at the ball where Mr. Bingley follows Jane and plays with the ribbons trailing on her dress.  Or when Mr. Collins, normally played as a buffoon, is shown smelling flowers and tries to get up his courage to talk to Elizabeth.  One almost feels sorry for him.  I loved how sympathetic every character is and find new details to treasure each time I watch it!

Casablanca (1942):

The second greatest romantic movie of all time.  I love a movie where all the characters, even minor ones, get a chance to shine.  Besides the wonderful chemistry between Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart, there is also a wonderful rapport between the characters of Rick (Bogart) and Inspector Renault (played by Claude Rains).  I love the minor characters such as Rick's boozy ex, Yvonne, who you can see is heading toward disaster as she dates a Nazi officer to get back at Rick.  Or the bartender Carl (played by veteran character actor S.Z. Sakall) who fidgets nervously whenever there is trouble, but then is one of the first to attend a resistance meeting.

For a studio film in the middle of WWII, the director was able to make use of shadows, fog, and a killer wardrobe for Ilsa, to make the movie into a glamorous delight.  I love being able to recite certain passages together with the players on-screen.  That, to me, is comforting when I am sick.

To Kill a Mockingbird (1962):

Even with the seriousness of the subject matter, To Kill a Mockingbird is like a warm blanket:  comforting, cozy, and warm.  I think this is because the character of Atticus is the most ideal father figure.  He is strong but quiet, firm but gentle; pretty much what I would wish for when I want to be comforted.

The Black and White tones to the film give it a dream-like tone that is mesmerizing.  You know how some people have a certain quality to their voice that makes you want to listen to then all day?  That is the feeling I get when watching this movie.

Of course, the story itself is compelling (and somewhat disturbing).  The main portion of the film deals with the trial of Tom Robinson, falsely accused of raping a white girl.  But the movie also has many minor themes about growing up, friendships, kindness, the changing relationships we have with our parents as we get older, and so much more.  This is another movie that I get more out of the more I watch it.  It comforts me when I am feeling down.
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