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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankful Blogging Challenge: Day 2

This feature was started by the wonderful Parajunkee.  If you want to join this feature, go to her blog and add your name to the Linkylink.  Or if you just want to see what others have written for this feature, there is a great list of other blogs who are doing this.  Just go to Parajunkee's blog.

Today we are posting some of the wonderful things that have happened to us over the past year.  I'm going to focus on two big things that have really made my life happier:

1.   Forming friendships with my colleagues:

I recently changed schools and I was nervous about meeting a whole new group of teachers.  Would they like me?  Would I be dismissed as "just an Aide"?  Well, from the very first day, this group welcomed me with open arms!  They have been so kind and supportive that I feel really appreciated each and every day.  Plus I have found a group of people who share my love of books and crafting.  We are having so much fun together making imaginative things such as these "Super Teacher" Halloween costumes!  I have also been thankful for the ongoing friendships of my friends such as Debbie S., who works at both schools.  She is so sweet and recommends the best books! 

2.  Starting this book blog:


Technically, I started this back in April but I really didn't commit to it until July of this year.  I started this for many reasons.  First off, I figured that blogging nearly every day would help improve my writing skills.  I don't know if that goal has been accomplished (that would be for the reader to decide) but I feel that now the words come more readily to me.  Another reason for starting this was to have something that was mine, alone.  I have spend many years supporting other family members with their goals, now it was my turn to do something just for me.  I never thought that anyone would read my blog, but it is slowly gaining readers!  The truly cool thing about starting this blog has been forming connections with other bloggers and becoming more aware of the new books being published.  It has expanded the genres of books I read and made me appreciate how hard authors work to get a book to publication.

What wonderful things have happened to you?  Please share them in the comments section.

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