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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hello? It's Adele (My Experience at the Adele Concert in San Jose)

So this has taken me a while to get posted.  Sorry about that.  But I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful moments my daughter and I had at the Adele concert on July 31st in San Jose, California.

Let me take you back to December 2015.  Tickets were announced for the concert and I eagerly set out to buy two seats for my fourteen year-old daughter and me.  I made up my mind to try and get as close to the stage as possible so we could actually see Adele!  We have been to so many concerts where the only way to see the expressions on the performer's face was to look and the jumbo screen.  So I vowed to pay what I needed to get up close for this show.

The day of tickets going on sale arrives and my husband and I are both on devices tyring to score seats to either the San Jose shows or Oakland.  We finally ended up paying dearly for these tickets, but I think they were worth it (Of course, this is the only show we will see for a long time!).

Things I liked Loved: 

All the banter:  

Adele was quite the chatty Cathy on stage, telling us about shopping in San Jose and having her card declined at H & M!  She was really funny and endearing.  Apparently, there was a write up in a local paper with a critic feeling she talked to the crowd too much?  Oh please.  That is why people come to live shows, so we can get a feeling for the personality of the performer.  She also explained about many of her songs which put her music in a context that I didn't know about.  Now when I listen to her songs, I have a much deeper understanding of the lyrics.

Adele had a large orchestra on stage which brought a fuller sound to the music than I would have imagined.  My daughter plays the violin and when we couldn't actually see Adele (sometimes she went to the little stage in the center of the arena), I caught her watching the strings section instead!  

Whoever designed the show really thought about trying to let everyone in the arena have at least a few moments up close.  There was a smaller stage near the center of the audience where Adele sang some of her songs.  Later in the show, she sang Set Fire To The Rain and it poured water onstage around her.  It was stunning.
 In this photo, she was standing in the middle of this sheer netting.  There were cameras shooting  different angles of her simultaneously and  superimposing it onto the fabric.  It was hauntingly beautiful.

What I was mixed about:
Adele mostly stood on the part of the stage that jutted out into the audience, so we mostly saw her in profile.  I had hoped that she would move around the stage so everyone would get to see more of her.  But we did see her just fine for most of the concert.  At the very end, she came over to our area:



What I didn't like:
The only negative of this event was that, being rather short, it was hard for us to see.  We were very close to the stage and yet, some people in the front row felt entitled enough to stand when everyone else was sitting!  I became the obnoxious person of my youth and yelled to them to sit down!  Others joined me until finally they got back in their seats.

 Finally at the end of the show, we were showered with confetti that were little slips of paper with her lyrics on them.  It was so festive and a wonderful ending to our evening.

Update:  I have been contacted by a website called Main Event Specials to link this article on their website.  I checked it out and they have lots of great content and concert information about upcoming events.  
Check them out at:
Click on the picture above to get to their website.

Do you have any memorable concert experiences?  Which one was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments.

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1 comment :

  1. SO awesome!! And god, I hate it when people stand in front of you so you can't see shit. Especially if it's a concert like this. If it's a concert with no seats and where everybody's supposed to be headbanging or something anyways, okay, but if you have seats, stay seated! And banter is fine. Banter is good :).


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