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Friday, February 5, 2016

February Game Plan


It's game on in the San Francisco Bay where I live.  The Superbowl is on Sunday and it is impossible to go anywhere this weekend with all the traffic and extra activities around SF.  So...  I'll just have to use this time to read!

In December I set out to read 13 books.  While I did accomplish this goal, I didn't read the particular books I set out to cover.  Things came up.  Generous friends lent me books that they thought (correctly) that I would love.  New books came out on NetGalley that I go approved for and I felt compelled to hurry up and read.  Plus I just wasn't in the mood for some titles.  I would not say that I am a mood reader, but I like to read a mix of serious and fun books.  I do think that books affect me deeply and if I read something very disturbing or sad I need to next read a lighter  book or I get very depressed about the world.

Another blogger (and I sincerely apologize that I forgot who it was) had an idea to have categories of books and have a goal of taking a certain number from each group per month.  I am going to try to do something like that this month to see if it works for me.  So my book categories (and some potential reads) are:


Books I already have:

  Books I borrow from friends:


Library books:

To be determined...

Pre-orders, contest wins, & Impulse purchases (because no matter how many books I have, there are some books you just gotta read NOW):

 My most anticipated reads:

(Click on the image for a link to GoodReads)

This love story is a timey-wimey tale that incorporates Native-American stories and modern-day issues of anxiety over change and growing up.  I've started this and it is a very special book.

This is another book about time travel (can you guess that I am a massive Doctor Who fan?).  I was super lucky to get approved to read this ARC from NetGalley, so I hope it will be a fun book.

 I hope this will take the pressure off to read specific books and allow me to feel the pleasure of reading.  I will still read what some would say is a ridiculous amount of books.  I just love to dive into a book and get lost in it's world.

What will you be reading this month?  Let me know in the comments.
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  1. That's a fantastic plan. I'm mostly reading one genre this month because I'm participating in a challenge in which you try out a genre that you usually avoid or at least want to read more of. So most of my books are modernism.

  2. Yep, I plan to avoid going outside at all during the Super Bowl stuff. I'll treat it like a snow day: stay home, make soup, and read :)

  3. I kind of do the categories thing. I try to alternate between sources (Netgalley, Edelweiss, authors, etc.), and I try to include at least one book that has nothing to with tours or review copies--one that I just want to read for fun.


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