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Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Musts #4

This is a new weekly meme hosted by Jessica of the blog Lovin' Los Libros.  Check out her blog for a complete list of all the participating blogs.

Happy Monday everyone!  I had a great weekend of blogging and blog hopping.  And I'm ready to do it all again with Monday Musts!  Here are my picks for the things you must read, listen to, and see for this week:

Must Read:

The Love That Split The World.  I broke down and bought a copy from Amazon this past week.  I hope that it lives up to the hype!

Must Listen:

Every Tuesday & Thursday, my daughter and I listen to Marcus and Sandy on Star 101.3 FM in the San Francisco Bay area.  Why? Because at precisely 7:10 in the morning,  they have a segment called Second Date Update.  In it, a person calls up and feels confused that, after a magical date, they can't seem to get another date with this other person.  Then the hosts call up the "date" and hear the rest of the story.   There always seems to be a pretty good reason for the person making a quick exit.  It is truly very funny to hear this in the morning.  You can listen to them online here.

Must See:


Okay, I am kind of over Legends of Tomorrow (Sorry Rory).  I watched the second episode and I am just not into it anymore.  So, my husband and I started channel surfing and found Into The Bandlands on on the AMC network.  It has action, romance, mystery, and lots of blood!  If you know me, you may not think I would be into this kind of show.  But after many years spent in Japan watching Asian action flicks, this is right up my alley!  Such a cool show!

What are your musts for the week?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. I've been listening to Second Date Updates for the past half hour or so now...I have to start studying but this stuff is sooooo funny, I can't stop listening! Thanks for the recommendation! I've listened to the Snapchat one you posted before, but I didn't know this was a regular feature!

    1. Thanks Anne. It's kind of like watching (or in this case, listening to) a train wreck! But I can't believe how clueless the callers are as to what went wrong on the date! Good luck on your studies.

    2. Well said! I thought it was so much fun, I decided to share it with my husband. He can't deal with awkward things, so he already left the room after a few lines :'). Thank you, I'm done now! \õ/

  2. Ooh I must check out Into the Badlands! I'm currently still planning on giving Legends of Tomorrow another shot (the first 2 episodes didn't blow me away) but if it doesn't turn out well I'll have more time for more shows :D also I hope you enjoy The Love that Split the World!
    Enchanted by YA

    1. I really like that particular style of action flick. I am normally very weary of gory violence, but Into The Badlands is stylized so it is easier for me to take. There are already some memorable characters such as The Baron, and The Widow. I know I am going to like The Love That Split The World!!! I have to finish up a few more books before starting it, but I have a good feeling about it.

  3. i recently finished reading the love that split the world and absolutely loved it! (p.s.- hello from the twitter chat yesterday! glad i found your blog on there, it's amazing!)

    1. Thank you Sophia! That was a quick Chat last night on Twitter! I will check out your blog when I'm done replying to these posts. I'm so glad I bought The Love That Split The World. I feel like I'm in on a secret (that will hopefully soon be widespread) that this is an amazing book.

  4. Oh bummer about Legends of Tomorrow! I'm a little burned out on the superhero shows myself. Into the Badlands sounds really familiar... and really good! OMG that radio segment sounds so funny!

    1. Legends of Tomorrow wasn't bad, it just didn't blow me away or offer up anything new. As with you, I am kind of superheroed out right now. Into The Badlands is like a Chinese action film. It's really fun to watch.

  5. Oooh, nice post! I'll have to get in to this one! The Badlands sounds awesome, I'll have to see if I can track it down in the UK.

    1. Thanks Mikayla. Into The Badlands is on the AMC network. If you can find the show The Walking Dead, then you should be able to find Into The Badlands (same network). There are so many U.K. shows I wish I had access to! I would love to go to England over the Christmas holidays and watch all the show's Christmas specials! I know that sounds really strange, but, then again, I am a total Anglophile!


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